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Truck Driver Training Licences

Truck and Bus Licences

Quality Truck and Bus Driver heavy vehicle training!


Heavy Vee Driver Training as a business knows how important it is to get the high-quality truck driver training in this highly competitive employee marketplace. Heavy Vee Truck and Bus Licensing, specialise in MR (Medium Rigid) and HR (Heavy Rigid) Bus and truck licensing. Heavy Vee can provide a range of truck driver training options for all truck licenses. Heavy Vee, also offer driving course discounts for groups carrying out their truck driving courses.

Heavy Vee provides quality truck training on the Sunshine Coast. They also offers hourly classes, short courses and two-day driving courses options to suit the driving student/s and the type of licence they are seeking. We also offer HR & MR driver training and driving course discounts for groups carrying out their truck driver training courses. View our driver training price list.

Contact us today to make the step toward having the best skilled truck drivers and bus drivers that you can. Our staff will answer any questions you have about what we offer and book you and/or your staff in tooday.